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IBON MAINAR, Bayona, Francia 1978




The work of Ibon Mainar emerges from the quotidian and from excess. He takes over daily use, the wealth of images and the physicality of the day to day. He intervenes on objects and images that surround us to create and establish artistic connections.

Outside video projections

In the work Outside video projections he aims to establish a bond with the origin of the projector. The projector evolved from painting and this is the idea that most attracts him. A German priest (Kircher, 1646) used a candle as a means of light and a drawing (over something translucent) and projected it onto the wall. Thus was it created, until later, by means of lenses, electricity, shutter and so on, to become present day cinema.

In its origins, it was also, before becoming the “cinema projector”, used by magicians to carry out tricks, something totally novel and which caused great excitement and wonder as they always used ghostly images (the magician himself, projected to different places at the same time...).

With this activity, he works on open spaces, relating the projections with the origin of the projector; with this invention rooted in painting and of a ghostly character. The action adapts to the environment, but, ephemerally, as it does not touch the place. The light of the projector penetrates the leaves and branches composing a multi-layer image which acquires this ghostly dimension and these interventions are documented through photographs


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